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Prospecting Licence Competitions

1st November 2017 Prospecting Licence Competition

The following Prospecting Licence (PL) Areas are available for application under equal competition in the 1st November 2017 Prospecting Licence Competition.  The Competition deadline is the 31st December 2017.


 PL Area


 3307*  Galway
 3886  Galway
*PLA 3307 has a currently held licence for Gemstones including semi-precious stones

Download the following associated documents as of 1st November 2017.

Shapefile of Prospecting Licence Areas

Shapefile of PL Areas 1st November 2017 - Irish National Grid (ZIP 56MB)
Shapefile of PL Areas 1st November 2017 - Irish Transverse Mercator (ZIP 67MB)

Please use our online GIS:
http://spatial.dcenr.gov.ie/ExplorationAndMining/SpatialViewer/index.html to check current licence area status.
To view previous Prospecting Licence Competitions please visit the Competition Archive.

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