Exploration Licensing Process

Exploration Reporting

Exploration Reports:

Guidelines for what should be included in exploration reports is downloadable as a PDF from General Requirements for work reports submitted to the Exploration and Mining Division.

Requirements for Digital Submission:

From 1st January 2005, holders of Prospecting Licences are required to submit work reports in digital format as well as hard copy (paper).

The reports submitted in digital format should be on a compact disc (CD), or in another agreed form. The following requirements apply in relation to the submission of the digital format reports:

Reports must be submitted as MS Word files (preferably) or Adobe Acrobat PDF (non-password protected). Figures/plates of A4 or less in size may be inserted into the exploration report. Any figures larger than A4 size should be provided as separate Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) or vectorised PDF files. [See below]. If submitting Vectorised PDF files, these can be included within the compiled PDF report.

An Exploration Report fully compiled to include all text reports, images, large format figures, tables, Drill Logs, geophysics data, geochemistry plots, assay data, sampling location tables etc. can be up to 70MB in file size. (File sizes larger than this may need to be processed)

Tabulated Data:
Tabulated Data (e.g. geophysics or geochemical data) must be provided as either MS Excel spreadsheets, MS Access database tables, Text Tab Delimited format or in Geosoft database format.

Large Format Maps/Diagrams:
Large format maps/diagrams/cross-sections (larger than A4) can be submitted as TIFFs. Hand-drawn diagrams should be legible and scanned according to the following specifications:
  • Black and White Images: At least 400 dpi resolution and 2-bit colour depth.
  • Colour/Greyscale images: At least 240 dpi resolution and 8-bit colour depth.
  • Photos/plates: At least 240 dpi resolution and 24 bit colour depth.

Or as PDF files: GIS layers should be vectorised and raster layers should be at least 240dpi.

Drill Logs:
Drill logs must be submitted either as MS Word files or PDF file. Handwritten logs should be scanned (at least 300 dpi resolution) and provided in PDF format. Each log should be submitted as a separate Word or PDF file. Please ensure that written logs are clearly legible.  An Irish national grid location map and National Grid Reference (accurate to at least 10m) should be provided with each drill log.

Please also provide the following information in tabulated format within the report:

PL Area Townland* Easting Northing Elevation Azimuth Dip Depth Date Hole started Date Hole Completed

*Not Mandatory

GIS Data:
Spatial data may be submitted in a variety of formats:

  • ESRI shapefiles (most preferable).
  • MapInfo interchange format
  • Geotifs/TIFFs with associated Word files

Geophysics Data:
Geophysics data must be submitted as outlined in the Requirements for Ground Geophysical Reports and Requirements for Airborne Geophysical Reports..

In addition to the above, a catalogue of all material submitted should be provided to EMD.

Exploration and Mining Division

Note:  No amendments will be made by EMD personnel to the content of the reports (e.g. text, diagrams).

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