Minerals Ireland

Ireland has much on offer as a mining and exploration target. It is a stable Republic with a long mining tradition, diverse geology with a wealth of mineral potential, and a highly developed infrastructure.

The Exploration and Mining Division of the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources is responsible for promoting and regulating minerals exploration and development in Ireland - a country where you can avail of security of tenure, simple regulatory framework, low regulatory overheads, prospecting licence issue under six months and free exploration data. We encourage you to explore this site to find out more about the mining and exploration for minerals in Ireland.

May 1st Prospecting Licence Competition open from 1st May until 30th June 2016

Competition Evaluation Criteria - Forms

Gold Panning FAQ New Recreation Gold Panning Frequently Asked Questions Published. Updated September 2014.

Exploration Drilling - Guidance on Discharge to Groundwater

The draft guidance document is now available - Guidance_Exploration_Drilling_Final Draft.pdf. Deadline for Comments is now closed.

Assessment of Economic Contribution of Mineral Exploration and Mining in Ireland - 29th September 2013

Minister O'Dowd publishes an assessment of the economic contribution of the exploration and mining sector to the Irish economy. The report is available at "Assessment of Economic Contribution of Mineral Exploration and Mining in Ireland


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