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       GSRO - OPALS Mineral Exploration and Mining in Ireland

Some of the highlights:

  • 4750 drilling locations
  • Drillhole search engine – with PDF logs
  • Live updates to Prospecting Licence ground status
  • Mineral Exploration Report access through Prospecting Licences
  • Live NPWS data
  • Mineral Occurrence Locations
  • Mining Locations
  • Bedrock Geology

GSRO - Prospecting Licence Exploration Report Search

The Geoscience Regulation Office (GSRO) and the Geological Survey Ireland (GSI) hold Exploration Company Reports (GSI Open File Records) relating to many current and retired Prospecting Licence (PL) Areas. Reports on current Prospecting Licences that are less than six years old are not made publicly available. Use this web application identify PL Area Numbers, then click on the PL Area for information on the PL Area history and available GSRO and Open File exploration reports.


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