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Lisheen Mine Data Release

Please see below publicly available data from Lisheen Mine. 

Lisheen Mine Geological Data
    Block Model (zip 565MB)
    Decline and Infrastructure Geological Mapping (zip 698MB)
    Face Sheets Vulcan and DXF (zip 124MB)
    Lisheen Drillhole Database (zip 25GB)
    Lisheen Fracture Map (zip 207KB)
    Lisheen Mine Lease Drilling (zip 12.3GB)
    Data Tree (pdf 12KB)
Lisheen Mine Geotechnical Data
Backfill - data sheets (zip 109MB)
    Backfill Maps (zip 12MB)
    Backfill Stope Certification (zip 1.1GB)
    Geotechnical Logs (zip 6.6GB)
    Surface Subsidence (xls 244KB)
    Waste Packing Certificates (zip 268MB)
Lisheen Mine Planning
 Final Set of Mine Plans (zip 15MB)

Lisheen  Mine Remnant Pillars
 All Remnant Pillar Data (xls 293KB)
    All Renmant Pillar Triangulations (zip 8MB)
    PDF Plots (zip 14.5MB)
    Vulcan Archived Layers (zip 2MB)
Lisheen Mine Closure, Restoration & Aftercare Management Plan April 2016
Lisheen CRAMP Full Report and Appendices April 2016 (zip 167MB)
    Lisheen CRAMP April 2016 Report (pdf 3MB)
    Lisheen CRAMP April 2016 Chapter 1 Appendices (pdf 33MB)
    Lisheen CRAMP April 2016 Chapter 2 Appendices (pdf 45MB)
    Lisheen CRAMP April 2016 Chapter 3 Appendices (pdf 71MB)
    Lisheen CRAMP April 2016 Chapter 4 Appendices (pdf 41MB)
    Lisheen CRAMP April 2016 Chapter 5 Appendices (pdf 36MB)
    Lisheen CRAMP April 2016 Chapter 6 Appendices (pdf 3MB)
    Lisheen CRAMP April 2016 Chapter 7 Appendices (pdf 4MB)
    Lisheen CRAMP April 2016 Appendix 5 - Mine Closure Programme (pdf 250KB)    

Lisheen Mine Face Sheets
Database (zip 25GB)
    Final Map - MapInfo (zip 9MB)
    Scans of face sheets (zip 12GB)
    Production Statistics (zip 8.2MB)

Lisheen Mine Survey
    Final As-Built Sidewalls and Pillars (zip 4MB)
    Final Mine Asbuilt Triangulations (zip 556MB)
    Survey Stations and Benchmarks (zip 470KB)

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