Mining in Ireland

Galmoy Mine Data Release

Please see below publicly available data from Galmoy Mine. 

Galmoy Mine Geological Data
Datamine Files (zip 957MB)
    Detailed Logs (zip 1.8GB)
    Maps (zip 50MB)
    Petrographic Reports (zip 32MB)
    Resource and Reserve (zip 1.4GB)

    Face Sketches - CW Zone (zip, 138MB)
    Face Sketches - CWS Zone (zip, 93MB)    
    Face Sketches - G Zone (zip, 561MB)
    Face Sketches - K Zone (zip, 749MB)
    Face Sketches - R Zone (zip, 657MB)

Galmoy Mine Groundwater Data
Hydrogeology and Dewatering Report (1992) (pdf 14MB)
    Model Review Committee  (zip 333MB)
    Underground Data (zip 8MB)
    Underground Water Photos (zip 9MB) 
    Well Dipping Data (zip 706KB)
Galmoy Mine Mining Data
Mine Statistics (zip 2MB)
    Subsidence (zip 52MB)
    Underground Survey Masters 2008-2012 (zip 774MB)

Galmoy Mine Closure Data
2010 Mine Closure Plan (zip 16MB)
    2005 Mine Closure Plan (pdf 10MB)
    1992 Mine Closure Plan (pdf 8MB)

Lisheen Mine Data Release

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