Available Exploration Data

Seismic Data Release

Since 2010 mineral exploration companies in Ireland have utilized seismic surveying to image the sub-surface. Under the draft "Guidelines for Seismic Surveying and Submission of Seismic Data to EMD ", this data becomes publically available six years after completion of the seismic survey. 

2010 Ballinalack Seismic Survey - Teck Ireland Ltd.

The first seismic survey to be released is a 2010 2D seismic survey undertaken by Teck Ireland Ltd near Ballinalack, Co. Westmeath.  This survey consisted of two lines and acquired 5km of seismic data.  The two seismic lines are TK-10-01 and TK-10-02.

Please see below data available for download.  For raw seismic data, please contact emd.info@dccae.gov.ie

Processed Seismic Data TK-10-01 (zip 7.8MB)
Processed Seismic Data TK-10-02 (zip 18.3MB)
Processing Report (pdf 10MB)
Interpretation Report (pdf 28MB)
Survey Information (zip 1MB)

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