Exploration Licensing Process

Guidelines for Water in Exploration

Water Services:

All necessary precautions must be taken to protect all watercourses and water supplies against pollution attributable to any exploration activity. Where excavations are adjacent to watercourses, care should be taken to ensure that no debris or soil enters the watercourse either inadvertently or by flooding during periods of high water discharge. All proper steps should be taken to reduce to a minimum any interference with water supplies.

Before trenching or drilling operations commence, the company or its agents should acquaint themselves with the position, type and size of all underground services in the selected location. In the event of a water pipe or supply being severed, the company or its agents should effect an immediate repair or provide alternative supplies. In the event of a well or other private water supply being permanently affected or destroyed by any exploration activity, the company should construct an alternative supply (e.g. a well) as soon as possible; in the meantime, alternative supplies must be provided.

Pumping and other Groundwater Tests:

Where such testing is required, relevant landowners in the area should be notified, and there must be a continuous emergency telephone service and suitable emergency facilities in place to ensure that a wholesome, potable water supply is continuously available to any affected parties. The relevant Local Authority should be made aware of such proposed tests and the arrangements, and any needed approvals obtained from them. The arrangements for such tests should include appropriate controls to avoid adverse impacts arising from disruption of existing water supplies and disposal of pumped waters, and suitable records of water quality and monitoring procedures must be kept. Such information should be made available to the relevant Local Authority on completion of the work. Where required, a licence under the Local Government (Water Pollution) Acts, 1977 to 1990 must be obtained.

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